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Dr Don Gunning

As part of Don's duties at Pioneer, he has the opportunity to be the doctor who visits the beautiful Gwen Hardy Lodge at Emu Point. He says it is always a pleasure to drive out there on a Friday morning, which he does every week (holidays & duties excepting). Don deals with a wide variety of residents and their conditions, including the confused and wandering elderly in the “Dementia” unit. He finds the work can be challenging, but frequently rewarding. "It is often the little things that make the most difference for these lovely people" he often says.

Dr Tania Botha

Tania has been visiting Bethel Aged Care facility for a few years now. She has a regular session booked every 2 weeks. Tania tries to see her patients in their home on a regular basis as mobility is such an issue for most of them, and most find it convenient to have their carers and nursing staff on hand. Tania believes that nursing home consults are an essential service to provide, especially if it is considered that these patients are mostly high care patients with multiple health issues. She really enjoys her sessions with what she calls 'the oldies'.

Dr Yen Lo

Dr Yen Lo visits the Bethel Aged Care facility every fortnight, alternating weeks with Dr Tania Botha.  Yen has always had a particular interest in geriatric medicine and throughly enjoys visiting her patients at the nursing home. Yen's patients are always happy to see her due to her positive manner and high level of care that she provides. 

Dr Nigel Baker

Nigel currently looks after 15 patients at Glen Craig Nursing Home in Albany and is deeply interested in providing support to his patients and their families. Nigel has been visiting Glen Craig weekly for quite a few years now and throughouly enjoys the kind and friendly staff there who assist him in his care for his patients. He believes it is very important to provide regular, high quality care to patients at Glen Craig, who often have multiple or complex health issues, but are not able to regularly visit him at the practice. 

Dr Jolmer Smit

Jolmer takes care of our Clarence Estate patients. He currently visits the facility each week, where he sees his patients in the comfort of their own home. Jolmer is supported by the helpful staff and nurses which he highly values and appreciates, and assist in the care of his patients all year round. 

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